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BORN SURVIVOR is a military assault course themed event, designed by ex-members of the Royal Marines Commandos. Our courses give you the chance to test your all round fitness, mental determination and team work against the same type of challenges and standards as the British Armed Services. You will have to overcome authentic military style obstacles, some special 'survivor surprises', muscle draining mud, rugged terrain, Baltic river crossings and your own self-doubt to be a SURVIVOR.


Born Survivor is not a race. It's about personal achievement, team working and camaraderie, determination to overcome challenges and above all, a true test of character. There will be no chip timing so if you want to know your time make sure you wear a watch!

You call BORN SURVIVOR extreme is that just hype?

Make no mistake this is going to be tough, Born Survivor is not your average trail run, it's brutal and raw. You will need to train your body to cope with the challenges and your mind to endure the suffering. Most people know what it is like to run in a park or around the streets of their home town or city, but just think about adding gruelling terrain, military grade purpose built obstacles, water crossings, and crawling through mud, lots of mud!

How should I train for BORN SURVIVOR?

Born Survivor is an extreme event and as such is designed to push you to your limit. The tough terrain and military style obstacles will make this much, much harder than a standard mud run, 10K or marathon. A structured program of all round strength and fitness training is highly recommended. Check out our Training Page for tips on how best to prepare for one of our events.

How do I enter?

BORN SURVIVOR uses an online only registration process. Choose an event and click the ENTER NOW button.

What is included in the entry fee?

The entry fee includes: Entry into the toughest challenge of your life, entry to the event village with bar, catering facilities, sponsors village: not forgetting the awesome finishers' goodies.

Why do we start in waves?

Starting everyone at the same time can cause major bottlenecks at barriers and can be a safety issue, which is clearly something we are keen to avoid. Your safety and that of the spectators and event crew is our primary concern. To enable us to safely manage the high number of participants expected you and your team members will start in a wave with a maximum number of entrants at intervals through the day.

Can I choose the wave start time I want?

When you ENTER you will be asked to select your preferred wave start time. If you register as part of a team your team captain will have selected a start time for you. For safety and numbers per start wave we may have to adjust your start time slightly, but we will endeavour to keep to a start time as close to that which you originally selected. You will be informed of your final wave start time 1 week in advance of the event.

Can I enter more than one event?

Of course - you can enter any events that are open for registrations

What age do I need to be to enter?

To take part in BORN SURVIVOR you have to be a minimum of 18 on event day. There is no maximum age, but you are required to sign a waiver to confirm your fitness for the event.