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Can my mates and I enter as a team?

Absolutely, Born Survivor celebrates team spirit and team working to overcome challenges and we're pleased to offer team discounts to teams of 10 or more people.

How many people do I need to make a team?

Two is the minimum for a team but there is no maximum limit to the size of your team.

I want to tell my mates about Born Survivor can you help me?

The best way to follow all things Born Survivor is on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to like and share our posts so all your friends see what is going on. Not on Facebook? You can view the news feed on our News Page. You can also invite your friends, family and work colleagues to join you at Born Survivor through the Active Network registration site.

Do you have team discounts?

We celebrate team work and you will be rewarded with a team discount if you have 10 or more members. Check out the Teams page for more info. Got a team of over 50 mud-thirsty nutters?! Email us at moc.rovivrus-nrob@qh.

How will I get my discount?

On entering and by creating or joining a team your appropriate team discount will be deducted from the current entry fee.

My team hasn't reached the anticipated number for the team discount received when we registered

We reserve the right to recharge part or all of the team discount to individual team members as appropriate to the situation.

Can the size of team change?

Yes, as many people as you like can join your team until the entry deadline date.

How do people join my team?

On the registration page you will be asked if you would like to 'Participate as an Individual,' 'Create a Team' or 'Join a Team.' The Team Captain creates a team name (and possibly a password) and forwards these details to all other team members. Participants wanting to 'Join a Team' can enter their team name ( and password if appropriate) when prompted in the registration process. Make sure you get the correct team name ( and password if appropriate) from your team captain as this is the only way we can apply your team discount.

Does everyone need to enter at the same time?

No, once the Team Captain has created the team additional members can enter anytime afterwards until registration closes. Warning! We expect all events to sell out well before event day and new team members will not be able to join if the event has sold out. The easy solution is to get team members to book as soon as possible after the team captain has entered to avoid disappointment.

Do we all go in the same wave?

We will do our very best to make this happen. Your team captain will select the wave for the team and then pass this information to all team members (along with the team name and any passwords). If team members ENTER very close to the event date, that particular wave might be full so avoid any team members running in separate waves by entering early!

Can I ENTER as an individual?

Of course! But to be honest it is much more fun taking on BORN SURVIVOR with someone else or as a member of a larger team. At some of the barriers you will need the support of team members or other BORN SURVIVOR combatants to get over, under or through the obstacles. Organise some family members, friends or work colleagues and put a team together.