The only real obstacle is you

And the 35+ obstacles designed by Royal Marine Commandos to test your physical and mental endurance. Focus in on what lies ahead by exploring our obstacles below.

Tough Rated

Heartbreak hill
Military training isn’t complete without a hill and once is never enough.
Step it up
A game of balance, momentum and skill.
Bale out
Designed to slow you down and brake your rhythm.
Hill attack
A hill, a rope, water spray and visqueen….We’ll let your imagination fill the blanks.
Pinned down
A military classic that never gets easier…On your belly soldier.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Sniper Alley
Get low, get wet and keep moving.
Over the top
The highest point on the course requires a double climb… Enjoy the view.
The mincer
On your belly soldier…Prove your strength to squeeze under multiple tyre rollers.
Cliff hanger
A classic Commando obstacle.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Muck and bullets
Guess what its muddy.
The grater
On your belly soldier…Prove your strength to squeeze under multiple tyre rollers.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Amphibious landing
As the name suggests… you’ll going to get wet.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Killer carry
Take on the hill and grab a log for extra fun.
Up and over
It’s not an obstacle course without a cargo net scramble.
Agility course
A commando needs to be fast, strong and have a head for heights. Prove it.

Mud Rated

Son of a ditch
Work together to overcome…Pull, push, climb and keep moving.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Devils dyke
Test your nerve..take a breath and commit.
Get a grip
An early mud bath to whet your appetite.

Obstacle Coming Soon!

Para plunge
Have you got the nerve to free fall. Parachute not included.
Eat dirt soldier
Hands and knees time as you pull your buddy out the sh*t again.
Flame thrower
The heat is on, jump high into a splash landing.
Under the wire
No rest here… head to toe crawl low.
Rat holes
Dark water filled tunnels.
Fire pits
Take cover in this mud caged trench. Move quickly with a sense of urgency.

Commando Rated

Uphill on your back as we hit you with our cold water cannons….Catch a breath soldier.
Depth charge
Test your nerve..take a breath and commit.
Drop zone alpha
Is your team ready to take the plunge?
Trench traverse
A game of skill and strength…Hold on tight.
Hit the wall
Hit this muscle sapping barricade full on.
The dunker drill
Commando training teaches you to stay calm should you have to ditch in a helicopter.
The beast
Take on this 10ft vertical climb. No foot holes and no ropes. A military training classic.
The blitz
10ft steep climb, 5 ft vertical board, no footholds. This is where you become a Born Survivor.
Commando crossing
Upper body strength required or it’s an early bath.