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The Ultimate Military Obstacle Course


  • What is BORN SURVIVOR?

    BORN SURVIVOR is a military assault course themed event, designed by ex-members of the Royal Marines Commandos. You will have to overcome authentic military grade obstacles, special 'survivor surprises', muscle draining mud, rugged terrain and your own self-doubt to be a SURVIVOR.

  • Is BORN SURVIVOR a race?

    Born Survivor is not a race. It's a test of personal achievement, team working camaraderie and determination to overcome challenges and above all, a true test of character.

  • You call BORN SURVIVOR extreme is that just hype?

    No! this is going to be tough. You will need to train your body to cope with the challenges and your mind to endure the suffering.

  • How should I train for BORN SURVIVOR?

    Born Survivor is an extreme event and as such is designed to push you to your limit and much harder than a standard mud run, 10K or marathon. A structured program of all round strength and fitness training is highly recommended. Check out our Training Page for tips on how best to prepare.

  • What is included in the entry fee?

    The entry fee includes: Entry into the toughest challenge of your life, entry to the event village with bar, catering facilities, sponsors village: not forgetting the awesome finishers' goodies.

  • Why do we start in waves?

    Starting everyone at the same time would cause major bottlenecks at obstacles and can be a safety issue. Your safety and that of the spectators and event crew is our primary concern.

  • Can I choose the wave start time I want?

    Absolutely - When you ENTER you will be asked to select your preferred wave start time.. For safety and numbers per start wave we may have to adjust your start time slightly. You will be informed of your final wave start time 1 week in advance of the event.

  • What age do I need to be to enter?

    To take part in BORN SURVIVOR you have to be a minimum of 16 on event day.

  • Where can I find the waiver for that I need to complete?

    You can download the waiver form by simply clicking this link!

  • How do I enter BORN SURVIVOR?

    Click on your chosen event, click ENTER and follow the online instructions.

  • When is the closing date for entries?

    Absolute deadline for entries will be 23:59hrs on the Saturday two weeks prior to event day (ie 14 days prior to the event you wish to enter).

  • Why is there a handling fee?

    Our registration partner Active Network charges for their service.

  • Are my credit/debit card details safe?

    Yes, perfectly safe. We partner with Active Network one of the world's leading event registration companies who have maximum security ratings.

  • Does Born Survivor hold my credit card details?

    No, we do not hold your credit card details they are held by Active Network under the most stringent security standards.

  • What about other personal information you keep about me. Is that safe?

    Yes. Whilst we collect your data, this is to help provide you with outstanding standards of safety and customer service. We take the safety and security of the personal details we have about you very seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for details for more information.

  • Do I get a confirmation email?

    Yes, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your entry. All event info is sent via email so it's essential you give the correct email address.

  • Things have changed and I need to update some information in my registration

    No problem, simply go into your registration at and you can update any of your information.

  • Can I get a refund if I am injured or cannot take part?

    It is not possible for us to assess each injury or personal circumstance on a case by case basis and therefore we do not give refunds when participants are injured or cannot take part. We recognise that things happen to disrupt our plans and we offer two options to help you.

    Option 1: Place Transfer.

    We are happy to transfer your place to someone else. All place transfers must to be actioned on-line. Please go into your registration at and choose the 'transfer place to another athlete' option. This will send a link via email to the person you nominate to take your place. Your replacement then registers for the event and will be charged the current entry fee - once this has happened you will be refunded your entry fee to the credit card used for your initial registration. Place transfers are subject to an administration fee of £15 per person which will be debited from the refund we make to you from your initial registration fee. Also to help you on your Registration Confirmation email you will see a link to 'Transfer to someone else' click this and follow the process.

    NOTE: Please be aware that place transfers will not be accepted after 12:00hrs the Friday prior to the event weekend (ie 7 days prior to the event) To maintain integrity and consistency of service to all participants we are sorry but there can be no exceptions to this under any circumstances.

    Option 2: Deferred Entry.

    We are happy to defer your entry to another of our events. However you can only defer your place once and this is subject to event places being available. To defer your entry go via our website, choose ENTER and select the event you are entered for select the DEFER MY ENTRY option and complete the form ... or use this link.

    Deferred entries are subject to an administration fee £15 per person which will be charged to your credit card on check out.

    When your place deferral is complete we will send you a unique registration code you need to register for the event of your choice using this code. You must register for your place deferral to be complete and without doing so you will not be able to take part at the event.

    NOTE: Please be aware that deferrals will not be accepted after 12:00hrs the Friday prior to the event weekend (ie 7 days prior to the event). To maintain integrity and consistency of service to all participants we are sorry but there can be no exceptions to this under any circumstances.

  • Why do you have a deadline for transfer and deferral of places and if I miss it what happens?

    We need to set a cut off point after which we can complete our preparation for the event. All place transfers and deferrals must be completed by 12:00hrs on the Friday prior to event weekend (ie 7 days prior to the event) If you miss this deadline then unfortunately you will forfeit your entry fee. Born Survivor cannot process any changes to registrations past this point and to maintain integrity and consistency of service to all participants we are sorry but there can be no exceptions to this under any circumstances.

  • Can I not just give my registration to someone else without officially transferring?

    NO! Born Survivor entries are only transferable if done so using the above process. If a person using your registration details attempts to take part, sadly they will be refused entry on the day.

  • Can I get a discount?

    You can get the best price by entering early. For 10KM participants there is a team discount awarded by team size; Bring a team of 5+ to get the deal - Got 20+? moc.rovivrus-nrob@qh

  • Can my mates and I enter as a team?

    Absolutely, Born Survivor celebrates team spirit and team working to overcome challenges. Take on the 10KM as a team of 5+ for the best deal. Got 20+? moc.rovivrus-nrob@qh

  • How many people do I need to make a team?

    Two is the minimum for a team but there is no maximum limit to the size of your team.

  • I want to tell my mates about Born Survivor can you help me?

    The best way to follow all things Born Survivor is on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to like and share our posts so all your friends see what is going on. Not on Facebook? You can view the news feed on our News Page. You can also invite your friends, family and work colleagues to join you at Born Survivor through the Active Network registration site.

  • Do you have team discounts?

    For 10KM participants there is a team discount awarded by team size; Bring a team of 5+ to get the deal. Got 20+? moc.rovivrus-nrob@qh.

  • How will I get my discount?

    On entering and by creating or joining a team your appropriate team discount will be deducted from the current entry fee.

  • My team hasn't reached the anticipated number for the team discount received when we registered

    We reserve the right to recharge part or all of the team discount to individual team members as appropriate to the situation.

  • Can the size of team change?

    Yes, as many people as you like can join your team until the entry deadline date.

  • How do people join my team?

    On the registration page you will be asked if you would like to 'Participate as an Individual,' 'Create a Team' or 'Join a Team.' The Team Captain creates a team name (and possibly a password) and forwards these details to all other team members. Participants wanting to 'Join a Team' can enter their team name ( and password if appropriate) when prompted in the registration process. Make sure you get the correct team name ( and password if appropriate) from your team captain as this is the only way we can apply your team discount.

  • Does everyone need to enter at the same time?

    No, once the Team Captain has created the team additional members can enter anytime afterwards until registration closes.

  • Do we all go in the same wave?

    Team members will always start in the same wave together.

  • Can I ENTER as an individual?

    Of course! But to be honest it is much more fun taking on BORN SURVIVOR as a member of a team so rally family members, friends or work colleagues and put a team together.

  • Can I come to spectate?

    BORN SURVIVOR encourage as many spectators as possible to come to the event to support their friends and family, or to have a look around to see if you fancy doing an event yourself.

  • It is suitable to bring the kids?

    Absolutely! They will love seeing you covered in mud and tackling the obstacles. We also have a kids' obstacle course at our events.

  • What should we wear?

    The event is on open uneven ground with mud highly likely so sensible footwear, boots or wellies that kind of thing is highly recommended.

  • Can we see all of the event?

    We on occasion need to restrict access for spectators to some parts of the course for safety reasons however we will mark 'spectator routes' to the best places to see the action.

  • Do you send out event information?

    About two weeks prior to event day we will send you via email a full participants' information pack, event waiver and confirmed wave start times. We ask each participant to print off, read, sign and bring their event waiver to registration on event day.

  • When should I arrive?

    We recommend that you arrive at the event location at least 1 hour before your due wave start time.

  • What should I wear?

    Clothing should be fast drying as you're going to get wet. Tight footwear is a must or once you enter the mud you won't see them again. Some people like to wear gloves but ultimately it is a matter of choice. No footwear with spikes or studs are allowed. We recommend you to wear something you are happy not to need in the future!It's going to be fun, right? So why not have a team uniform or fancy dress theme. Be creative!

  • What should I bring on the day?

    A full change of warm clothes along with your running gear and towel as well as your sense of fun and adventure. There will be food outlets and a bar onsite but there is no access to a cash point, so don't forget to bring enough cash with you.

  • Will I be able to leave my bag somewhere safe while I am taking part in the event?

    We will be offering a bag storage facility at all events. We will also offer a car keys, wallet, purse etc secure storage facility. Although bag storage is permanently manned through the event items are left with us at your own risk.

  • Can I buy Born Survivor branded goodies?

    Yes .. we have a 'kit shop' at all events selling a range of top quality Born Survivor branded merchandise such as hoodies, t shirts, bags, etc. We have card payment facilities in our shop.

  • Do I have to sign a waiver and disclaimer?

    Yes. All participants must sign a legal 'Event and Medical Waiver' and 'Terms and Conditions' as part of our registration process.

  • Parking

    Parking will be available on site and will be subject to a charge payable on the day in CASH only. Parking will be charged at £5 per car, mini buses £10 and coaches £25. Please have money ready as there is no cash machine on site. Coaches must be pre-booked by e-mailing us at moc.rovivrus-nrob@qh

  • Do I need to be able to swim?

    No, and if you can't swim you can most certainly take part in Born Survivor. However, we would only advise you to attempt the deep water obstacles if you are confident in water (and mud!!!).

  • Will I be body marked?

    For safety, medical support and security purposes, we will be body marking every competitor with a semi-permanent marker pen. Don't worry, this washes off easily with soap and water.

  • What if I can't or don't want to complete an obstacle?

    Hopefully a team member or fellow SURVIVOR will help you, but if you really can't or don't want to complete an obstacle you can bypass it.

  • Is there a time limit?

    No, but event staff will judge if struggling participants are fit to continue and their decision is final and if necessary you will be retired from the event. We expect it to take around 1-3 hours to complete the 10k course.

  • Will drinks be available on the course?

    Yes, there will be water stations around the course.

  • Do you have showers?

    There will be no showers available at the event. We do provide hand-washing facilities and strongly advise you to wash your hands after completing the course and before eating.

  • What else will be in the event village?

    Facilities vary by event, exact details will be made available for your event as we get closer to the date.

  • Are all your courses the same?

    No. We never have 2 courses the same at any of our locations. We are always looking to build innovative exciting new obstacles and challenges.

  • Are there electric shocks?

    Don't worry we don't do gimmicks like electric shocks we build authentic military grade obstacles designed to test your fitness, drive, commitment and guts to the limit.

  • Will there be catering?

    Yes, a range of top quality food and drinks will be available on site all day along with a licensed bar.

  • Can I bring a pet?

    Your dog is very welcome but must be kept on a lead and accompanied at all times. Dogs and other pets will not be allowed to accompany participants on the course. Normal rules of considerate pet ownership apply ie pick up poo.

  • I've bought a hoodie what happens now?

    We will post it to you by Royal Mail to the address used in your registration.