Survival guide

Our course is designed to test all abilities…Go lone wolf in our Elite Squadron Wave or enlist in our classic 5/10km team challenge at your own pace with the help of squad members. These are our top tips for surviving our course!

Get fit
for it

Sure you can spend every night down the pub and enjoy a full English in the morning, but on event day boy are you going to regret that.

Preparation is key to all success! A combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training will see you pumped and ready for the mission come the big day. There’s no rule that says you can’t walk our course, however our PTI’s recommend you can comfortably jog/run 5 miles by event day. Not sure where to start…We have a number of Born Survivor training partners that can assist you to get battle ready, or join a local gym, bootcamp or fitness class for professional guidence. We also recommend you check out our Survivor training plan designed by Royal Marines Commandos…This can be done at home and your local park for free!

Choose your
footwear carefully

Grip and good support where you require it is important….this will be the muddiest day of your life and your old school pumps will be eaten by our course in seconds flat!

Decent trail shoes are a must if you want to perform, but remember no studs or spikes as these are dangerous to you and all participants. Our official course sponsor have amazing deals and in our opinion are the best place to get kitted out for your mission!

your responses

Air conditioned gyms are great, but they won’t prepare you for the body shock as you encounter the elements close up at Born Survivor! If it’s safe and you are confident get in some cold water training ‘Whim Hoff’ style, don’t forget to tag us on social media with your ice bath and rubber ducky!

Try to replicate some of the obstacles you will encounter at Born Survivor – many parks and fitness trails can be used to great effect by incorporating interval training with a ‘Run Exercise Run’ methodology! Press ups, crawls and burpees are all good. (See Born Survivor Survival Plan). If the best you can find is a kid’s playground to scramble about on the monkey bars and nets then don’t be afraid of looking silly – breaking down and sobbing at the thought of the next Born Survivor is much worse!

Great nutrition,
awesome performance

Remember, “an army marches on its stomach” … So don’t forget, in your training and on event day good nutrition and hydration is crucial in ensuring you have enough energy to finish the course

There is plenty of great advice available online to help you achieve peak performance and fitness through diet & nutrition. If in doubt, always consult a trained fitness professional and make sure when the big day comes that you’re properly fuelled for the event. Of course, once you cross the finish line, you can get stuck into the awesome post race tucker we’ll have on offer, all washed down with a few cold ones in the beer tent!

freak out

Our obstacles are designed to challenge you, that’s the point, right?

They can be big, high, claustrophobic, involve total immersion and much more; so, if for any reason there are any obstacles you don’t feel confident to tackle don’t worry you can just run around.

some good

Use the admiration of your friends and family to use your challenge to raise funds for a great cause

Use the admiration of your friends and family to support your challenge to raise funds for a great cause! We support ABF The Soldiers Charity and the work they do in supporting our Armed Services Heroes, Unique Kidz and Co, who provide care and support for disabled children, Alder Hey Hospital Children’s Charity and the Cystic FibrosisTrust. Join us in raising funds for these charities or of course for any cause that inspires you!

The power
of teamwork

Get some disturbed mates together and form a team, people who don’t take themselves too seriously and are happy to laugh in the face of adversity, because there’s plenty of that at Born Survivor.

Don’t worry if your mates are too soft to take part, or you can’t convince people to join you because by the first obstacle, you’ll have hooked up with another team!

Pain is weakness
leaving the body

Beating the obstacles and course is what bonds Survivors together – at some point you will feel beaten, shattered, tearful and probably scared, that’s when you have to ‘Suck it up’ and show the British Bull Dog spirit that made Britain great.

If you need help, your team mates or other Survivors will help you. If you see someone who needs help, give it. We will count you all out and count you all back – no one gets left on the field of combat. That’s the British Military way. If it was easy, everyone would do it – they haven’t, YOU have.

to impress

Whilst we recommend you don’t wear you best gym lycra (in fact don’t wear anything you are likely to want to wear again in polite society) it’s worth kitting yourself out right for the day. Army fatigues, a team t-shirt, uniform, or how about adding some zing to the scene by coming in fancy dress.

Gloves are also a good idea, but make sure they are ‘grippy’ and cut the ends off the finger to let the mud out!!Check out the fantastic gear on offer from our awesome sponsors SPORTSSHOES.COM – and SCOTT SPORTS as they offer the best value and quality kit at great prices. This includes trainers, base layers and compression which are important to help your performance and keep your body comfortable pre, during and post event.


It’s going to be a tough day out for you and your team mates, but one thing’s for sure you’ll have a blast along the way.

We’ll have photographers and a film crew across the course, so make sure you’re smiling when they’re pointing the zoom lens in your face; you don’t want your mates on Facebook to think you struggled…!

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