Born Survivor training

It’s not long to go until your Born Survivor mission and you should be well underway with your training. If this is the first time you have taken on such an epic challenge you may be wondering where to start. We’ve teamed up with S3Fitness to bring you the top 5 exercises you can do to prepare for your Born Survivor experience.

The most important thing is to get comfy with the distance – make sure you are capable of completing a 10KM run. Running is a great foundation but it’s important to remember Born Survivor is more than just a 10KM jog round the park. In order to survive the 30+ military training obstacle challenges on the course you will need to be in tip top physical condition.

Check out the videos for each exercise. Whether you’re a beginner or someone that trains regularly there are some great tips for everyone. Remember to take things slowly and focus on good form. Always warm up thoroughly before taking part in any exercise and if in doubt always seek advice from a qualified fitness trainer. HQ

The plank

Pull Ups

Push Ups

The Row

Many thanks to Ben Fildes at S3Fitness Chester.

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